Additional Services

Cabinets, Flooring, Window & Door Installation | Palm City, FL

No Project Too Big or Small

At WM B. Ianiero Construction, there is no project too big or small. Besides our professional remodeling, new construction, and addition projects, we also specialize in cabinets, flooring, window, and door installation. There are many times when you may not need an entire room re-done, but would like to update it with new cabinets, flooring, or windows and doors. We can show you what options are out there to give your room a fresh look. You’ll be surprised to see what some new touches can do!

Restoration and Repair

Besides adding new touches to your room, WM B. Ianiero Construction can also be your go-to source when you need restorations or repairs. There are many homes that suffer water damage due to broken pipes, the weather, or other incidents. If you are experiencing these problems, we can help. Contact us so we can assess the damage and advise you about the best plan going forward. We can get your home looking like new again so that you don’t have to deal with unsightly damage. Neglecting these types of problems when they happen will only make things worse down the road.